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Please help with settings


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my speed test came to

Last Result:

Download Speed: 1292 kbps (161.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 370 kbps (46.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

I always just have 1 torrent at a time weather im seeder or just downloading.

my tcpip is patched to 50

half open connections set to 40

peer disconnect is set to 600

whats best for me as far as these settings?

Global max number of connections?

connected peers per torrent?

just running 1 torrent with my speed


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I did that and it sets global max connections 230

connected peers 80

I can only upload 35KB effectly and I think my upload is to thin to

spread all those connections the speed guide gives me.

Please correct me if im wrong.

I usually use public torrents with 300+ peers consistantly.

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nevermind i figured it out

I lowered connected peers to 40

since I can only upload 35KB

5 upload slots

120 max connections

15 seeds and 350+ downloaders on torrent ive been getting 140KB download consistantly for 8 hours now +

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