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uTorrent kills my internet


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Hello everybody,


I have problems with uTorrent so I decided to make an account here.


I have read the 'IF YOU HAVE SPEED ISSUES READ HERE FIRST', unfortunatly a lot of links are not working.


The problem:

Whenever I start uTorrent it kills the internet on my PC, I am still connected but internet doesn't work. The internet connection on other devices, which are connected on the same network, is still fine.

After a minute I get my internet back, when uTorrent is open, it will kill my internet immediately, when I closed it, it will work fine after I reconnect.


When did I get the problem:

The last torrent is downloaded was 2 weeks ago. Meanwhile when I don't need downloading a torrent, I don't start uTorrent. Last wednesday when I started the uTorrent the problem occured, for the first time, now I am alwas getting this.


What I've tried so far:

- Re-installed uTorrent

- Did the setup guide

- Followed the 'SLOW/INTERRUPTED INTERNET CONNECTION OR OFFLINE TRACKERS' post in the thread. Except for the link which arenot working for me.

- Disabling anti-virus

- Removing torrents and restart. (When torrent removed it still killed the connection, only this time after 1 minute.)

- Enabling protocol encryption (Mentioned in the setup guide)


None of it helped.


Additional info:

- When uTorrent is started it starts with a green light in status bar. After 30 seconds it gets yellow, because it killed the connection.

- OS: Windows 8

- A modified F-secure by ISP

- ISP: Ziggo (dutch)

- Modem and router in 1: Ubee EVW320b

- ctr + G tells me:

Speed = 9.2mb/s 

port = 50005 (I tried this, according to another guide this should work.)


Strange is.. when I got speedtest.net loaded before opening uTorrent, I am able to do 2 to 3 speedtests after opening uTorrent. In the meanwhile downloadspeed on uTorrent is 0 and not able to load webpages.

If someone could help it will be highly appreciated. (Down: 7Mb/s Up:11Mb/s on average)





uTorrent kills internet only on PC using it, when closing uTorrent, internet is fine after 1 minute and reconnecting. Tried the guides, didn't work.



Since I can only post one reply per day.. What settings do you want to know? All tabs under Options>Preferences or a specific one?

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