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I cannot uninstall Utorrent at all I have gone through the registry I have done the .exe I have tried both ccleaner and the reg uninstall. I have done absolutely everything


It tells me to either keep the old version or would I like to go to the new version with a yes or no but it just go to reg Utorrent  with either one you click. It tells you its not working right so you try and run the trouble shoot on it and nothing .. you cant even download anything because it dosent go anywhere..


I have windows 10 now and I hate but that's beside the point.. BUT HOLY SHIT IS IT THAT HARD TO UNINSTALL. I cant find it anywhere in the registry I have deleted anything that has to do with Utorrent bit torrent etc.. WHAT THE HELL. its still there... what else is there to do..




Ok I figured it out I went to Cnet and downloaded a program called Revo uninstall and it was amazing!!!!!!! it uninstalled everything that has to do with Utorrent.. I reinstalled it and its working great

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