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Data Loss


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I've been using utorrent succesfully for years now, but for the last few weeks i've had a problem when downloading anything. When I check the torrent information it appears on the right hand side x mb or x kb lost due to data problems; and offcourse whatever I downloaded doesn´t work. How can I either solve this or prevent it? 


Thanks to whoever answers and sorry if I have any writing or spelling mistake, I'm not a native english speaker


Got the screenshot, ''Perdido'' means lost in english 


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I've never seen uTorrent incorrectly download a file, however it does have a mechanism for validating a download.  If you worry about a download, right click on the entry and select "Stop".Then select "Force Recheck".  That will cause uTorrent to scan through the file(s) in the torrent, validating each piece to ensure its check-sum is correct.  When the recheck completes, you can Start the torrent again.  If there is a bad piece, uTorrent will download that piece again.  If not, it will show 100% and resume seeding.


Note that the error count you have highlighted is zero - meaning that there were no file pieces received with errors.  The 83.0kb discarded refers to file pieces received that were already there. The torrent protocol has each client make requests to other clients for file pieces it doesn't have. Sometimes redundant requests are made to different other clients when a particular piece hasn't been received. The result being a certain amount of repeat pieces being received. This is normal.


DreadWingKnight, can be terse because of all the request to which he responds. The problem may be in the source of this torrent - try to find another torrent of the same material. Or the problem may be the application you're using to open those files - they may be out of date.



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