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Moving torrent files is a pain could .torrentLocation files help


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A huge problem with torrents is moving .torrent files from one location to another (or from one machine to another)


The biggest problem is that I can't figure out where the location data is stored (let alone edit it)


If you check this youtube video out


you will see what problem is being addressed.


What I'd like to see is a matching .torrentLocation file that gives the directory information on where i have chosen to store the torrent contents.


For example: lets say that I download torrent Foo from site Bar and it comes packaged in a directory

Foo [1 PDF]



And I decide to put it in my c:\downloads\Bar-2015 directory

And rename the existing package directory from "Foo [1 PDF]" to "Foo - more descriptive name [1 PDF]"


then the .torrentLocation file might contain the following text (tab deliniated)

.foo.torront <tab> "c:\downloads\Bar-2015" "Foo - more descriptive name [1 PDF]"


But if instead Foo comes packaged as



and I decide to put it in my c:\downloads\Bar-2015 directory\Foo [1 PDF] (created manually)

then the .torrentLocation file might contain the following text (tab deliniated)

.foo.torront <tab> "c:\downloads\Bar-2015/Foo - more descriptive name [1 PDF]"


Then all I would have to do to load all my torrents into a new client would be to copy the corresponding *.torrent and *.torrentLocation files to the clients torrent directory and then "open torrents"


Right now my solution is to manually find each torrent, try to figure out how exactly I named the file (or the worse reality, find the location I downloaded the contents into and try to figure out which torrent it came from) and then manually set the download location.


Not a big deal for 20 torrent files.


Much bigger deal for 200 torrent files.


The reason I'm dealing with this is that I got a new hard drive for my old machine, and am having to try to reimport about 1000 torrent files that were (and are still) stored on an external drive.





If there is another way of doing this, I would love a pointer to the solution.



Another possibility is exposing the following table "fields" extracted from uTorrent interface

TorrentFileName    PathToTorrentFile    ContentDirectory    DisplayNameFromTorrentClient


I believe that table, if it could be exported or inported would be another solution for moving a torrent setup from one machine to another



Another thing I notice, is that if I click a "Can't open .torrent file" line in the client, but I right click and "open containing folder" that it will go to the correct directory.  But I can not figure out where that information is stored (and how to edit it)

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Thanks for the link, and thanks for the reference to resume.dat.


Is there some easy way of viewing the resume.dat file?  I could see the information that i needed, but it's obsured in a metric ton of other data.


I'm currently not in a place to put the time in to try to parse the file, and see if I can find my old resume.dat file.


Again, I'd like to think I'm not the only person with 100+ torrents and downloads that have been currated into custom named folders.


My solution it the past has been to just start over.


Currently, it's still feeling like my solution going forward.


2 Questions


Are there any tools that people are using to view and edit the resume.dat file?


How would I discover the technical challenges with either exposing the customization information, or creating a tool to extract my hypothetical *.torrentLocation file and then importing it later?



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