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Pause torrents if certain programs start using bandwidth


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Hello, this is my first time posting, nice to meet you all.


I gotta be honest, I almost never seed, but not because I don't want to, I just forget to turn utorrent back on. And that's no one's fault but mine, I know, but still it's something that I know for a fact all my friends do and I suppose a good chunk of utorrent users, forgive me if I'm plain wrong.


If I'm not working I may watch a few youtube videos, browse some websites, play some game online and the rest doesn't really require internet at all. That's just me and my regular day, yours could certainly be different. Thing is when I do any of those three things, if I start sensing lag then utorrent gets closed, never to be opened again because of my fantastic memory. Or even worse I pause my torrents and they stay like that forever and ever. Again, that's just me.


And that's not only when I'm seeding mind you, but also while leeching. I had to find myself some other way to spend my free time while certain massive game downloaded because I kept closing the thing and forgetting about it. Now I rarely download anything nowadays so that's hardly something I'd complain about or even mention, at all, so that's not what this is about.


It was wondering about the big picture and all the other users that this occured to me. Just think about it, what if utorrent had an option where you could tell it "Hey look, check the bandwidth usage of these apps/programs/w/e and be so kind to shut the full list of torrents down while they're using the internet then turn it back on for me a little while after they're done, ok?". What if that was something that's set up by default when you install utorrent?


Then suddenly everyone starts seeding like crazy, at least my friends when I tell them that's something you can do.



I hope I don't come out as too selfish when I say this, but I really want more people to seed, and I hope you all feel the same, but let's be honest sometimes seeding is just not practical for some of us as it is. I hope this gets to the devs eyes and they like the idea, and it's not a super headache to implement of course that would be good too.


That's it, anything you need from a glorified photoshop cut & paster I'm at your service. Peace!

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