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.!ut extension is not cleared in fully downloaded files


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With selected option "Append .!ut to incomplete files" this extension not cleaned after complete loading file.

Only after exiting from program, or after loading all files.

So priority setting loses meaning.

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I noticed the same problem, but with multi-file torrents.  If there is only one file in the torrent, the .!ut extension is removed normally after the file is complete.  However, for a torrent with multiple files, the .!ut extension is not removed from the individually completed files until after all files are completed.


For example, consider a torrent with 2 files where file1.ext is 100% but file2.ext is still downloading. The .!ut extension from file1.ext is not removed until file2.ext is also completed.


Using 3.4.6 Beta (build 41079) 32-bit

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I have noticed that when you try to delete a torrent after downloading and stopping it in the middle, the delete operation is much delayed. Also if you try to delete it using Win Explorer, it reports "File locked by system". So, my speculation is that some newly invented thread related to downloading is preventing uT itself from renaming files ... Just form whom it may concern in BT inc...


BTW, there is an on-going thread about that here too:


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