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Reinstaling Utorrent - move list of torrents


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Hi all.


Sorry for my bad english -/


I am going to reinstall my os soon, and sadly i did not install utorrent on difret drive, its on my system drive.


And i like to reinstall utorrent to a difrent drive, but i like to get the same "list" of torrent i have i utorrent now in the new install.  i use utorrent program to keep track of what i seen / used. i got about 100 torrets there. and sadly i dont have the torrent tracker files anymore of all of them, so i could just load that again. i just have the content.

i was in need of space so i deletet all my torrent trackers a little while back. one of the reasons i am reinstaling. my system drive is big mess -)


Is there any easy / smart way to do that?


I hope i made my question clear, my english is bad and i have dyslexsia




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