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Completed torrents not being moved


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Using uTorrent 1.1.6 - completed torrents are not being moved as I have specified in the options. It is completely ignoring these settings, and I have to stop a torrent and move it manually.

Moving completed torrents is an ABSOLUTE MUST for me because I use a 40gig "thrash" drive for the incomplete files, which would fill up very quickly if they weren't moved to another drive.

As you can see, I have the options set:


I unchecked "Only move from the default download directory" in an attempt to get this to work, but it had no affect.

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It doesn't move the files unless it's the same drive..

Go read it in this thread: Click

That's pretty useless for me. I don't want my expensive drives hammered all the time, so I use an old 40gig "temp" drive for that. Keeps fragmentation down, etc...

I guess it's back to Azureus untill this is fixed (which by the response I see in the linked threads and others, isn't gonna happen since nobody seems to see this as a bug)...

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