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Alternate uploade rate vs the Scheduler


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It seems to me that the operation of the Global Maximum upload rate and Alternate Maximum upload rate should both have priority over anythign that is set in the scheduler.

My DSL line has a 1 Mbit upload capacity, so I leave my Global Maximum configured at 90.

I telecommute from home, so need responsive acess to my dsl line during the business day.

I want to have the scheduler limit the upload rate to 50 during the work day, but have the Alternate Upload Rate set to 25 if I'm not involved in downloading anything.

It seems that as long as the scheduler is running at the limited time, it has priority over the alternate upload rate. Shouldn't the lower value be the value that is used during that time?

This is with 1.6.1rc build 467

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Well, the fact that the upper limit of the scheduler is limited by the global bandwidth limit and the alternate limit, it seems that the lower limit should also be limited by the alternate limit, or the alternate limit should be greyed out if the scheduler is enabled.

It hadn't occurred to me to try reversing the method the scheduler is running.. That the global bandwidth limit is set to a lower number, and the "full speed" time would be when the global options should be in effect.

Does "Full Speed" mean adhere to global rules, but "Limited" mean adhere to rules on the scheduler page and ignore the global rules?

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