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Unable to load (name of torrent) - unknown error


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I have used utorrent for ages and this has never happened. I tried some other torrents on Dime but all say same so its nothing to do with the torrent but a problem at my end


I click on open torrent and a box comes up saying "unable to download (name of file): unknown error" - I get rid of it and several more come up saying the same thing with different file names


I have checked I have latest version of utorrent


I have also done a registry scan etc


I am not a techie so would appreciate help in the words of 2 syllable version!


Thanks in advance

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thank you

I have been using utorrent for several years and for the first time ran into this unable to load  problem today, (using 3.4.4.) Folllowed your fix and checked off  association on start up and I am good to go. Why is it necessary to have to search for these problem fixes. Thanks again, SacredCultivator    :)

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