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Add another option in 'Add New Torrent'


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I would request the following feature to be added in the 'Add New Torrent' window while (obviously) you are adding a new torrent. Let me explain which option (and sorry for my English in advance)


My situation sometimes is; I have got like 30 open torrents downloading. 5 active, the rest queued. I want to download a torrent (lets say 900 mb's), and I want it as fast as possible. My top speed is like 1.3 MB/s, so it will take like +- 10 minutes or something. However, there are 5 active, so even when I click 'Add to top off the queue' I still won't download with the full 1.3 MB/s because some bandwidth goes to the other 4 files. Whatt I currently do is manually pause all the rest of the downloads and wait for the one I want right now to finish. I hoped you guys could add the option to do this automatically. A top priority torrent so to say..

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