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sync between comps


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for some reason some1 locked my thread so i ll try to explain again


i want 2 computers in my network to be able to sync certain torrents in case i want to move data from one to the other


i have a strong suspicion that utorrent bans local lan ips for some reason



something wich is not normal since it used to not happen like a year ago



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i have a strong suspicion that utorrent bans local lan ips for some reason

uTorrent doesn't ban local IPs unless you specifically add them to ipfilter. It only bans its own specific IP addresses to prevent loobpack connections.

If you have local peer discovery enabled AND the torrents aren't private flagged the torrents will get local connections through local peer discovery.

If you have "Limit Local Peer Bandwidth" disabled in Preferences - BitTorrent, they will synchronize as fast as the complete configuration (storage drives, internal connection, etc) permits.

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hmmm tried that but not working 


limit local peer discovery is not checked

torrent is not private

local peer discovery is on 



running same torrent in both computers 


no exchange of data 


1 torrent is finished

the other does not get data from the other pc


when i press advanced reset bans i get


[2015-09-16 05:14:09]  Unbanned
and something similar to the other pc
ipfiler is empty
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That torrent is #69 on the download list of the one PC.  With that many active torrents, there will be a considerable amount of torrent protocol activity that's necessary to negotiate pieces to download.  It could be that your available data bandwidth is being reduced by the bandwidth used for sending torrent protocol packets.  More significant might be the low upload rate for that torrent.  I've found that seeds and other peers give priority to peers that are uploading.  If your rate of upload is low, they'll treat you as a leach and upload slowly to you.  When my upload rate is high for a torrent, my download rate for that torrent goes up.  The torrent starts slow because I don't have much to upload, but then increases as the amount of data that I have increases.


That might be happening to you even between your own machines on your own local LAN.


Of course, this is just observed behavior on my part.  I don't actually know what it's doing.  If I'm in a hurry for a particular torrent though, I seem to have good results from pausing/stopping as many other torrents as I can.  Once your two machines are caught up, you can resume all that other activity.



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