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Prioritize downloading of parts from start of torrent


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I wonder if  µTorrent could implement a very useful feature I saw in eMule clients: prioritizing download of the first part of torrent file's targets.


Let me make my intention clearer by way of example.
Say you wish to download a PDF file using  µTorrent: currently, the parts that are downloaded seem to have no priority attached and random parts are next downloaded.
This means that on the vast majority of PDF readers, trying to read the PDF file before it's completely downloaded, will cause an exception and will fail.

Thus, it is impossible to read the PDF (e.g., to gauge its quality) before the download is completed.


Same goes for other content types, e.g. video.


In contrast, eMule clients would download first the start and end pieces, so viewing is possible in majority of cases - after a very short download.


With this feature implemented in µTorrent - it would be possible to view content as soon as the first parts have been downloaded.
If you wanted to see if a CAM quality video is acceptable, and a sample is not included in the torrent archive, then this feature will shorten the time until you could ascertain the video quality.

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