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Has anyone found a solution for "Crash dump" bug?


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I went back to using v2.0.2 because of the "crash dump" problem, also because the earlier version is faster, being without ads. But I still experience the intrinsic "Crash Dump" problem. For years I selected "Submit this dump to the developers," but either the developers are not concerned about the bug or it is simply too complex to fix (see attached file). So now I just relaunch the app. I get the problem on my PC (Win 7) and on my laptop (Vista).

The crash dump problem has nothing to do with bitdefender, VPN, Peer Guadian or any third party app as I don't use any of those on my system and still get the seemingly random crash. I've used the default settings as well as a variety of tweaks that have been suggested by folks that have not been able to resolve the problem themselves (if you haven't resolved the problem on your own system, please do not offer advice).

So I'm hoping to get a response from someone who actually has found a way to overcome the decribed bug. If anyone has been clever enough to fix the problem, pleeeeeeeaze share.


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