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ISP Blocked me from Torrenting?


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Hey guys,


I made a post earlier this year asking about some issues I was having with torrenting things. Unfortunately it didn't get very far and I kinda gave up trying to fix it.


So here I am again, pissed off I can't torrent and looking for help.


Here is everything I know...


Around Christmas last year (2014) I was no longer able to torrent anything, from any website (I don't think I tried different peer IP's).


About the same time I got a popup in my browser window that said something along the lines of "This is Comcast and your computer has been detected to be torrenting/P2P software usage, this is your first strike of like 5 or something." It popped up in my browser window and it let me X out of it. Haven't heard anything since (although I haven't been able to torrent).


So I'm begging for help from your torrent savvy people out there. How do I fix this? A friend suggested getting my own router but if I don't have to I don't want to.


The issue I'm having is I can download the torrent "file" but when I try to actually download it I can never connect to any peers or seeder IP's.


My ISP is Comcast. I have AVAST antivirus (free) installed on my computer. I don't believe I have any firewalls or anything like that blocking it but I can check if someone points me in the right direction.


I'm not very computer term literate so as basic as you can write it would be awesome.


Thanks again!


Twitch Face

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To Poster unfortunately this is a situation for the other users on here can't help you with - you will have to do is search online for a way to use a proxy or VPN  configuration to do what your asking. And a router won't change as it is blocked from Comcast so tell your friend they lack the knowledge to be dispensing adivce they obvious don't know. At this point in time Comcast has the right to block you from using torrent and we can't help you to circumvent Comcast.

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