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Proxy connect error: error-4


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I am using uTorrent 3.4.5 (build 41162) on a windows10. I have been using the program well for years, using the

BTGuard Proxy.

I tried to upgrade to Pro, and that is when my issues started, as the upgrade failed due to the btguard proxy settings.
I disabled the proxy setting but the upgrade failed again.
Now I am back to the original setting as they were before, but downloads fail now because of the Proxy connect error -4.
Do you have any suggestion?


Thanks, Amos

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FYI BTGuard Proxy will not protect you from DMCA letters or ISP Warnings. BTguard problems is best to contact their support as Utorrent has nothing to do with BTguard and any configuration you need to contact BTguard about the settings. If you use Proxy or VPN then you need to contact their support and ask for configuration help.

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