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uTorrent Shuffles Download Queue Order on unexpected shutdown


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Since the release of uTorrent v3 I have been experiencing the EXACT same torrent order shuffling issue posted by user "LTF" here, marked as "1)" (uTorrent shuffles my download queue order after unexpected shutdown):


I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (AMD quad core with 4 GB RAM).  I'm currently running uTorrent v3.4.5.  The bug can be reproduced by following the steps "LTF" outlines in the above link.


This bug is SUPER frustrating when you have many torrents in queue and want them to download in a specific order.  Aside from the rare power failure or computer freeze, I always close uTorrent by simply right clicking on it's tray icon and then selecting "Exit".  I think this is what most users do.  I believe I experience this bug more often than a typical uTorrent user because 1) Most of the time I have a large list of torrents (100+) in my download queue and 2)  I use a VPN with a Kill Switch feature which ends the uTorrent process/task within a millisecond or so after my VPN connection goes down unexpectedly (like for the occasional VPN server maintenance).  Long story short, I experienced this bug about once every three weeks and have to manually correct my download queue order each time.  When you have 100+ torrents in queue and download order is important and they're all suddenly mixed up this is a really time consuming and frustrating process.  :(


As the popularity of using the combination of :ph34r: VPN :ph34r: with torrenting becomes more and more common practice and users realize that unexpectedly loosing a VPN connection defeats the purpose of having a VPN in the first place :o and the use of Kill Switches, like I've described, are implemented to prevent IP address exposure, I expect this bug to become a more and more common problem for those who have longer torrent download lists.  It would be awesome to see uTorrent updated in a way that unexpected shutdowns, don't interfere with it (or at least do so in the most minimal way possible).


Possible uTorrent update solutions:

Maybe a download order/queue auto-save feature could be built in to the next uTorrent release?


Maybe uTorrent could either auto-save the "#" assigned to each torrent upon every new torrent addition?


Maybe an auto-save queue order at a specific timing interval, like every 60 minutes, 24 hours, 3 minutes, etc...?  Similar to the way a Microsoft Word document or an e-mail auto-save every so often.  And maybe allow customization of the Queue Order Auto-save Timing in settings?


I LOVE uTorrent.  And very much appreciate all the improvements that have come about so far and hope to see it get even better.  Also, thanks so much for looking into this bug!
I hope more and more users who are, and have been, experiencing this issue will speak up so we can escalate a solution.

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