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One very small non-bug - Italian Translation


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Hello, new member, not sure where to post, mods please move this post anywhere you find necessary if this is not the right place.




In the italian translation (updated as per inquiry within the program) of version 3.4.5, there's a very visible error in translation on the main interface page.








I am not knowledgeable enough in the procedures of creating an appliable translation to become an official translator so I'll pass this torch to whoever is in charge of the latest italian translation release.


Thank you and cheers.



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@zuzi: thanks for this catch - but the translation is already correct in the uTS (uTorrent translation system).
The only problem is that NONE OF THE DEVS IS ABLE (OR WILLING) to update this correct file to all users - that's also the reason why we are still stuck with the outdated build 37951 in uTS!

So take the last one from the translation page (created just now by me) and replace your utorrent.lng:

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