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Removing / Ejecting, USB'S...


Hi devs!

I have noticed for some time when i unmount External HDD on a port USB 2.0 from my desktop also usually when remove USB cable from ports it happens occasionally to crash utserver.


I seed from different external HDD mostly i did not change them, just i when i add some other USB or other external HDD once i remove after i finish working, crash happens. I don't see any info about crash in the logs just normal stuff what utserver is doing...


Once i thought is a terminal issue, mostly i launch utserver from command line URXvt.

I thought could be any conflict with this terminal? Then i run utserver from file manager "SpaceFM" with simple >execute


Everying going okay if i'm not unmounting or ejecting USB. I went 50 days uptime without turning off my desktop, utserver also without touching USB ports.


Please can you make a verification in this USB concern?

OS Debian 8.2

File Manager SpaceFM 0.9.4-2
Client µTorrent Server UI Revision 30470 / Peer ID UT330B


Thank you


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