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Torrent after completing and flushing, goes back to incomplete.


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I have a weird problem with a torrent if anyone knows the solution.


There is a 4,3 GB torrent and I'm stuck at 99,8%.

There are 2 leechers (including me) and 1 seeder (the uploader of the torrent).


I see utorrent downloads the last 8MB part, it goes 100%, then starts flushing to disc, and when it finishes it goes back to being 99,8% and it's like it didn't donwload that last part at all.

Why this is happening?

I have not skipped any files.


Now I see it's downloading again this last part.

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Is it always the same part again and again?


Yes. The last 8MB part.

And the seeder is the uploader.

So, it can't be that he's seeding an errored torrent.

21 people have downloaded this already.


edit: Ok, now it did it again.

I had stopped the torrent.

Forced re-check. it went up to 99,8%. Forced download. It finished at 100%, flushed, and then went back to 99,8%.

The other leecher seems to be stuck too at that.

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It says wasted: 40MB (5 hashfails)


edit: Ok, I found the exact same torrent from another private tracker and finished it there.

Now, I'm seeding it in the first tracker to help out that other user that was stuck too at 99,8%.


But if you know of a solution it would be good to know for the future.

If I hadn't found the torrent again, I wouldn't be able to finish!

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