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moving torrent file (not data files)


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I figured out how to move my data files, but I can not find out how to move the torrent files themselves.


I have tried several different ways, but they have not worked (in fact now I have 2 torrents that have stopped seeding altogether.)  And I have searched this forum and uTorrent Help but could not find how to move a torrent file only data files (as I have read elsewhere you are in luck if you use Azureus because they have a menu option to Move Data Files and Move Torrent File but no such luck with uTorrent from what I can see.)


Thank you for your help.

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Figured out a way myself, but it only moves one at a time:

Copy/paste the data files to the new location.  Remove the torrent files from uTorrent using Remove From List (because you do not want to delete the file itself.)  Then move the .torrents to the new location as well.  Then double click it or right click to open the .torrent.  uTorrent will come up with a Save As window.  Then Save As to the new location.  Oh yea, before doing this go to Preferences>General and under the adding torrents section make sure that 'Display window with torrent details' is checked. 

Fair warning, make sure you test this out first before doing it.  I have done it once and it worked.  But who knows what else I did or did not do that I should have not done or did to make it work.

Here is a suggestion I got but have not tried it yet (next on my list):

To change the path for multiple torrents in uTorrent on a Mac, try this: Remove all torrents from uTorrent, but don't delete the files and the .torrent files. Go to Preferences and set the download file path "Put new downloads in" to the new path on your external drive. Also make sure "Start downloads automatically" is not checked. Then re-import your .torrent files. They will now be given the new file path. Then highlight the torrents and do a force re-check. Then start them.

If you don't know where your .torrent files are, when you remove the torrents from uTorrent, choose "Remove torrent files. Then they will be sent to the trash and you can recover them there. Make sure to empty the trash before you do this though, in case you have other .torrent files in there etc.

An here is another but have not tried it either since I can not find the resume.dat file referre to:

uTorrent creates a copy of the .torrent files it opens. In the options you can specify where those copies are saved, but changing that location will not move the existing files.

You can move these copies and keep the torrents working, but not from within uTorrent itself.
The location of every .torrent is stored in the resume.dat file. You can manually move the .torrent files and then edit the paths in the resume.dat file so utorrent will be able to find them. (use replace function to edit multiple paths in one go)

You need bencode editor to edit the resume.dat file.

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Just have done the 1st step I described above and it works with slight mods.  Here it is:

1. Under uTorrent click Stop All Transfers

2. Under Preferences>Directories set the new location for data & torrent files.

3. Go to the current location where the data files are stored & move them to the new location.

4. Go to the current location where the torrent files are stored & move them to the new location.

5. Go to uTorrent & highlight the torrent you want to move and click Remove From List.

6. Go to the torrent file in the new location you want to move & open it (double click) & click save.

7. Go back to uTorrent & highlight the torrent that has now reappeared in uTorrent & click Force Re-Check.

8. When it finished, click Start.  It will then resume wherever it left off, downloading or reseeding.

It is a lot of steps.  Maybe someone has automated this to some degree or knows a better way (remember this is for Mac so Windows may be different.)  In any case it works even though it seems uTorrent & the rest of the Bittorrent clients could make this an easier & more fail safe.  C'est la vie.

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