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Run program does not work!


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I just bought the ad-free version of uTorrent hoping it would be better then what i used but the first problem i face now is that the Run Program in Advances is not working at all. I am like many others trying to use it for unpacking and i seen the usual answer is this is not a uTorrent question but the Run Program as such is.

I cant even use it to run a .bat file to print a text showing me it does execute something.

Can someone using the latest version of uTorrent and Windows 10 x64 perhaps just confirm if they also have this problem. My NUC server is pretty clean and i dont run many programs on it to keep it clean. I dont have any AV beside what comes in Win10 and just running Plex and uTorrent and nothing else.


Any tips is welcome.

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I already have the pause in the end. It just seems the Run program row does not execute anything. I tried .bat file, winrar but nothing ever happens.

Even started utorrent as administrator to ensure it has the full rights to execute stuff.

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