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Forum rule is pretty nasty


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Hello all,


I'm shocked that the forum rules are made in a way that it discourage the use of the forum. Its just totally against what forums should be about, which is more people engaging in discussion helping each other.

I made a post and now i have not been able to make a post for 3 days. I get a message

You cannot make any more posts. You have exceeded 1 posts per day.
This will reset when you have made 1 more approved posts

I been waiting for 3 days to get 1 post approved! What if no one approves my post? Am i banned? Sorry to say but This is seriously a bad system.

I emailed to the admin (admin@utorrent.invisionzone.com) and the email is bounced back.


I thought first it was a safety thing to make new users dont flood but now after 3 days i'm still not able to create a post or reply even.

I was going to report a bug but i'm not able to.
Its a really really bad system that goes against the whole purpose of forums. I recently came back to utorrent and payed for the pro version but this is not what i was expecting.
Its frustrating that i can not use the official forums.
Please help me back into the system. Thanks!



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No of course not but then again i never seen that problem on any other forum and i do participate on many forums.

Any how thanks for lifting the lock. Seems i can post the bug i found. Although it has not shown in the past days so i wait until i see it again. I get this error showing "another instance of the program running in the background" and i cant add more torrent to the client. I can report it properly when it happens again.


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