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Bought utorrent pro, need help.


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I got no response to my support ticket. UTorrent runs very fast, knocks my router out after 10 minutes or so. Nothing else does it. It didn't do it in windows 7.

I had a linksys E1000. I replaced it with a Linksys EA6900 AC1900. that DIDN'T help it.


I checked the support and faqs, and port forwarding and all. They talk about Sync mostly whatever that is. Don't see much about utorrent, which I've used for years. Made many changes to troubleshoot, none helped.


i use WOW for cable internet. Here is a link to there management brochure. It says they don't limit anything much.




I ethernet wire connected the router and it still kicks it out.


When I go to the window internet icon in the bottom right tool bar and right click and hit the troubleshoot it says:


"Windows could not automatically detect networks proxy"


I have tried several suggested fixes fir that error.


Could it be, I need to set a different(static/dynamic) ip address or something. Any suggestions to fix or info you need to help me straighten this out?

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Port forwarding sort of helps, sync isn't relevant.

Do you have the SPI firewall enabled in your router's configuration?

Setup guide says the port is open it works fine at first, then gets knocked off the router.


It shows spi firewall enabled.


Here is a link to my screen captures from my Linksys smartwifi configurations showing all the settings on the router.


. http://imgur.com/a/kWW0x

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