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Utorrent error 10053 and other problems


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For some time now I'm experiencing problems with utorrent while I didn't have any.

I think the problems started when my Panda Antivirus expired and I installed new free antivirus.

I installed Avira first, now Avast, and I've also enabled Windows Firewall..


But, right now I disabled all of them, both the firewall and Avast, and still the same problems.


The problems are:

1) the known error 10053 when I try to do the speed test (I tried a couple of solutions in other threads but they didn't work) (actually both tests fail)

2) in some torrents, not all, when I open utorrent speed starts OK and then in a couple of minutes it drops to 1Kb/s and lower). Or they could go alright until 30% of the torrent, and then this problem appears.


The weird thing is that I see that litle green symbol down on the right, which shows that everythign is OK with my connection.

Is there anything I could do?


I had uttorent 3.3.1 and I've upgraded now to 3.4.6 but nothing changed.

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I have Windows firewall disabled now. (not enabled)


I just did the speedtest here:



and it says:

ping 40ms

download 8.08Mbps

upload 0.82Mbps


My top download speed is usually around 900Kbps to 1MB at best.


edit: Also, I just did this test for Isp throttle I found on the net:



I guess there's no throttle?



OK, i just installed another torrent client, qbittorrent, and the same torrent that had a problem in utorrent and dropped speed after a couple of minutes every time I opened utorrent, downloads at full speed  steadily now at around 990Kbps.

So, something is wrong with my utorrent, but I can't figure out what it could be..

I really would like to continue using utorrent.

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What version of ut are you using? And did you download OPenOffice torrent and see what speeds you get? Also that Ping=40ms that is quite long. I have MSE/MS Firewall and have no torrent speed issues. Throttle you will not notice it - it takes some snooping for you to realize your ISP is doing throttle. Also your torrent speed depends alot on how many seeders there are and the fewer they are the slower your speed will be.

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I fixed my uTorrent speed test's "Data send error: A local networking problem closed the connection. (10053)" by going into Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections and disabling all adapters that are not my real ethernet network adapter.

I did not have to enable the Internet Options\Security\Custom Level\Miscellaneous\Access data sources across domains - speed test works fine at the default setting of Disabled.

My Windows Firewall has almost everything unchecked (meaning blocked), including Core Networking, File and Printer Sharing, HomeGroup, Network Discovery, Routing and Remote Access, etc. The only thing checked (enabled) is the uTorrent executable.

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