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3.4.5 build 41628 and newer - crash when clicking OK in preferences window


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Observed behavior
uTorrent crashes when clicking "OK" in the preferences window.
Steps to reproduce

  • Create a clean %appdata%\utorrent directory
  • Copy utorrent.exe of an affected build (see below) to %appdata%\utorrent
  • Create a settings.dat file in %appdata%\utorrent with the following content (or use the attached file)
  • Run %appdata%\utorrent\utorrent.exe
  • Press the escape key if an installer dialog box (e.g. "Please choose your language") appears
  • Open the preferences page
  • Click on the "OK" button (screenshot)

Expected Behavior
uTorrent does not crash.
Windows 10 x64 Version 1511 (OS build 10586.36)


  • I suspect that this crash is related to the antivirus component failing to load. Build 41372, which is not affected, downloads the antivirus component upon launch ("upgrading to pro"), the antivirus component is installed, and accordingly the crash does not occur.
  • Build 41628 shows "µTorrent (Ad-free)" in the title bar, build 41372 shows "µTorrentPro"
  • Clicking OK in the preferences window has lead to a crash on every launch of build 41628 after upgrading from build 41372.
  • Hijackthis report, Process Explorer report, crashdump, etc. available on request

Affected uTorrent builds
41372 (previous stable 2015-11-18) - not affected per se, see the first two comments
41628 (current stable 2016-01-05) - affected
41634 (current beta 2016-01-06) - affected
41712 (updated stable 2016-01-22) - affected
41801 (updated stable 2016-02-12) - affected
41821 (updated stable 2016-02-12) - affected
41865 (updated stable 2016-02-23) - affected

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