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BSOD Ntoskrnl.exe


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I recently had some problems with uTorrent whenever I try downloading something BSOD pops up and my computer restarts... 

I read some articles on many forums including this one about the issue, I opened the minidump folder and scanned the dmp file and I found that the (ntoskrnl.exe) is causing the problem! 

I was suspecting that the wireless driver could be the issue I tried updating it from Dell website, same problem. I also updated it with DriverBooster also same problem! now i'm having troubles with identifying the main reason of the BSOD, can anyone help me? I'm gonna include the dmp file for the last BSOD.



Dmp file:


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I think they are two separate issues affecting each other. Anytime you have a kernal issue this means your O/S is corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. Utorrent probably needs it running to work so when it fails utorrent fails. So this is not a utorrent problem but your O/S is having issues causing utorrent problem.

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