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RSS filter: no matches?


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I recently made a RSS feed on showrss. 

When I added it to utorrent I slected the 'download automatically' option with 'smart episode filter'.


So far so good.


However, I want to add filters, so different shows will download to different folders on my computer. I can't get this to work. Whatever filter I try, matches are not available (even though I can clearly see them in the rss feed)


Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance :) I will add a screenshot to show my settings



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Ok, thnx for your patient reply. Still says no matches. I noticed that when I add a new filter, the reset button is grey and can't be clicked. That's probably why utorrent can't find any matches. I also have that thing where I have to click 3 times on the filter name before I can edit it. Don't know if that's related. 

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