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using RSS with Nyaa


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Hi Guys,


new with Rss trying to get it working.

I am trying to get Utorrent to automatically download new Anime series.

i use this RSS Link - http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=rss&cats=1_37&filter=2


I can right click and add to favorites and i get a match  - https://gyazo.com/d119f30b4fcd0fe128a799f33ffcc4f1


But if i modify the Filter at all so it gets more than just a single episode it has no matches - https://gyazo.com/27593d1afa4d9b0578864fe9acc13952


I understand i need to add more fiters to the NOT section but at the moment i am trying to just get it working!

Anybody know where i could be going wrong?


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