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CL parameter to start utorrent with torrents stopped


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Sometimes (esp. after big disk moves etc.) you need to start utorrent to edit torrent details but you don't want them started even if they were started (seeding or downloading) when client was closed.

This would prevent unnecessary checks.


Best implementation would be to have two parameters.

\allstop - all torrents stopped (seeding/downloading/checking) when client starts

\stop <torrentname> - to stop .torrent with that name (before extension), when client starts


Would also be nice to run those parameters even with client running to actively stop from a script - but that would be a bonus.


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Interesting finds. This will satisfy the "would be nice" I talk about above but most probably NOT my main issue:

To START a (non-running) uTorrent client with torrents that were left running (downloading/seeding or checking) as stopped.

I want to prevent uTorrent accessing a torrent that I (say, mistakenly) left running before exiting the client.

Why? Because if it moved while torrent was not running, it would trigger a fresh hash check and if the torrent is let say 1.3TB (yes I have such a torrent) it is more than painful.

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