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Torrenting and DDOS Attacks


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Recently, according to my ISP, I have been the subject of not one, but two DDOS Attacks within a week of one another.  After the first Attack, my ISP changed my IPA.  In both cases, according to my router logs and the file date and times, the attacks occurred just after completion of torrent downloads.  The attacks occurred late at night when there was no other activity on the machine.  The torrents being downloaded were different.  Torrenting is done using a VPN.  There is no other internet activity the machine is used for.


Either the attacks are related to the torrenting and use of uTorrent, or it's just coincidence

Tech Support at the ISP says when torrenting, any peer can obtain my IP, whether I use a VPN or not.

I suppose, someone could have decided to pick a "nobody" that doesn't do a lot of torrenting and subject them to a DDOS, but that sure seems like a lot of trouble for very little reward.  And for it to happen to the same person at different IPA's twice beggars belief.


So, now I'm a bit afraid to use uTorrent.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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