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To transfer all my torrents to a new HD


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I have 4 hard drives : C (ssd, for windows), D, E and G.

Utorrent.exe is on the D, the files I download are on the D. Resume.dat, resume.dat.old, settings.dat, settings.dat.old etc are on the C.

I'm going to remove the dying hard drive D where my torrents are and put a new hdd.

I temporarily want to put the D instead of the E and to put the new hdd instead of the D.
The dying D will temporarily become the E and the new one will definitely be the D (i'll rename it "D")
Then, i'll transfer all the torrents (finished and half-finished) from the E (old D) to the new D.
(And i'll finally put back the original E and will say goodbye to the old D)

Will that work? My torrents, utorrent, which were on the D (the old one), will still be on the D (the new one).
(And, when i'll open utorrent,it won't know i physically changed drives. )

Thanks for your answers.

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