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Auth token with curl

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I have a .bat script that does alot of copying/exctrating and Utorrent labeling using curl.

I had to disable the auth token, as i could not get it to work using curl.

Cant find any help anywhere.

Can someone help me how to make this with .bat files and curl.
My script is working flawless, but would like the use it with the token instead.

I can get the token when calling with curl, but when i use that token in a command, is just fails. Its like that token is already expired.
Some talk about cookies, but i dont know how to use that with curl.

I am not interested in change my script language.

Use Utorrent 3.4.5 on windows 10 x64.

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I try this from a command prompt.

curl -u username:password http://localhost:9061/gui/token.html
<html><div id='token' style='display:none;'>6eK8VOhNsDl0bw6wMpSpOpm7Jvlb3Xjk--ZDRlH-f4uUCX8Es8GCQknmq1YAAAAA</div></html>

Then copying that token in, and do a simple list
curl -u  username:password "http://localhost:9061/gui/?token=6eK8VOhNsDl0bw6wMpSpOpm7Jvlb3Xjk--ZDRlH-f4uUCX8Es8GCQknmq1YAAAAA&list=1"
Outputs: invalid request

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