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connecting to peers

Rockstar killers

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i been using utorrent for years now i never had a problem .........but now when i try to download something it stays connecting to peers but it does not download it just stays at connecting to peers


please help me ???????

no files are downloading, they are sitting at connecting to peers.

I have tried different types, sizes of files but still nothing, my settings are the same as always nothing has changed.


it's been 3 weeks now that utorrent is stuck into this "connecting to peers" and no downlaods are possible. i tried to rei

please help me ???????



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i try every torrent site pirate bay and kis torrent but nothing till 


stays on connecting to peers 


what could the problem be please give me more help me I love downloading movies please help me 


I just what to get back to downloading movies


i never had this problem before I used utorrent for 7 years never a probem, till now 


so please help me it's not the torrent I try all torrent sites till the same thing

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