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my download speed is very slow though my speed test show that i have high download speed


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hi guys

few days ago something very weird happened

i am unable to download any torrent

since my maximum speed became 50 kb/s although my speed test showed that my download speed should reach 600kb/s

i tried different torrents with high seeding to peers ratio yet nothing changed .

i made sure that i have not set a download limit so this is not the problem 

i have 0 torrents seeding and utorrent has access through my firewall 

i tried many different softwares to  download torrents yet same problem occurred

so anybody have any idea why such problem happened ?




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To both poster put this way speed test and utorrent are doing two different process and are not equal. utorrent is based on file sharing and peers - have low file data or less peers and your speed slows down. Not all peers have equal internet speed and can only upload as fast as their bandwidth dictates or their ISP limits. If you want to get the torrent faster find one with more peers/seeders otherwise your going to have to wait until there are more seeders and peers with faster bandwidth to increase download speed. Speed test is back and forth to the same location not representative of your true internet speed.

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