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How do i clear stats. under help button stats button


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The governments been stopping by and looking at my utorrent all covertly by breaking in my home. They look at the utorrent stats. I don't want my monthly stats being logged. It doesn't serve a purpose. At help button under show statistics, stats are shown. The government is trying to use this shit against me. All i have is that it doesn't show whats what. I feel like i gotta uninstall the ap after every days use. Thats crappy. There should be a delete statistics.


Problem 1. IF i hit delete stats tally it should only clear the stats accessible under help button, statistics button.

Problem 2. If i flush all stats i lose uploaded and ratio stats on the grid page. Is there a way for the tracker to keep the stats if my utorrent clears shit out.

Problem 3. If i clear the stats on my grid i might stop uploading too soon.



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