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"A Newer Version Of Utorrent is already runing"


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Hi guys. I have recently encountered an issue with my Utorrent. Upon booting up my desktop screen i will get the following



And when i go to download a torrent the following message will pop up and prevent me from downloading



Ive tried installing uTorrent again but no success

What's going on?



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I only ever saw those messages once.

The fix was exit uTorrent. Delete updates.dat (or rename it), then launch uTorrent.exe.


To avoid future messages like that, exit uTorrent. Delete updates.dat.  Then create an empty updates.dat file in the same folder (simply create a blank text document and save it as updates.dat - the extension must be .dat. Then right-click on it>Properties. Set Attributes to Read-only>Apply>OK. Launch uTorrent.


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It sounds like uTorrent is installed/trying to run from 2 different locations.

This may/may not be of help:


Reply/fix for the BitTorrent branded client:



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