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utorrent won't work with SS2


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So i tried install utorrent and it worked perfectly. but when i start it it lags and freezes.

So i checked the logbook and found that it won't work because of "SS2OSD.dll" witch is my sound software Sonic studio 2. when i turned of SS2, utorrent work like a charm.

So is there any workaround or fix to this problem? and why dose utorrent have problems with ss2?


Error code: (google translate) :P

The error occurred in the program by name : utorrentie.exe , version , timestamp 0x56a15f0a , The error occurred in the module with the name : SS2OSD.dll , version , time stamp 0x5646311b
Exception code : 0xc000041d
Error Displacement : 0x00004f69
Process ID : 0x1de8
The program start time : 0x01d161937bd8aed4
Path to the Program : C: \ Users \ ---- \ AppData \ Roaming \ uTorrent \ updates \ 3.4.5_41712 \ utorrentie.exe
Path to the module: C: \ Program Files \ ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc \ SS2 \ User Interface \ SS2OSD.dll
Report ID : e8b953a6-4844-471c - af6f - c5063613460f
Full name of the erroneously package:
Application ID relative to the wrong package:

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If the DLL file would be in windows it would make sens. but the dll file utorrent want to use is from a sound software from asus.
If it was SS2 that wanted to use a files from Utorrent i would blame SS2/ASUS.

if utorrent want access to my sound it should use realtek

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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