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uTorrent Proxy Issue


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I have added a local proxy to my uTorrent proxy settings, and it does not seem to be working - it is stuck on "Connecting to Peers." At first I thought it was my proxy, but I have ensured it is fully working, and the port and host is correct, and authentication is ticked off (which is required by my proxy), I have also ensured that my proxy is working via other applications.

To further ensure it is not my proxy, I have used multiple other publicly available proxies to ensure they are also not working, and I come up with the same issue. Any ideas?

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What is it that is not being understood. The torrents work fine when the proxy isn't on. The proxy is working fine with other applications. It is not anything but utorrent. My ISP has not disabled P2P/Torrents. Furthermore, the proxy is optimized specifically for peer-to-peer, and was working fine previous to my first post.


Further information:

My trackers are shown as the following -

*udp://open.demonii.com:1337        invalid URL

[DHT]     waiting for announce...

[Local Peer Discovery]     working

[Peer Exchange]     working

udp://exodus.desync.com:6969     disabled     or connection timed out (with udp support)

udp://tracker.coppersurfer.tk:6969     disabled     or connection timed out (with udp support)

udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80     disabled     or connection timed out (with udp support)

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You already got Invalid URL and disabled or connection timed out that would indicate something is interfering with the connections. ISP has every right to block and throttle torrent traffic and when they do they will throttle it to a crawl but they won't kill it but will make it crawl to the point it looks like it is dead. Proxy works fine for other apps because they are not torrents traffic that is why they work - ISP doesn't block regular traffic but when they detect torrent traffic they will throttle it.

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Let me say this one more time.

If ISP was blocking torrent traffic, then torrents wouldn't download because of it. Torrents are downloading fine, except when a proxy is being used.

Please read my words instead of assuming the same thing 3 times.

Also, proxy is working fine via other applications.

Therefore, it is not my ISP, nor is it my proxy.

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17 hours ago, Necromaniac said:

Again I go back to the previous statement.

My proxy is advertised and optimized for P2P/Torrent usage. I already know it isn't the proxy provider.

Did you contact them and ask them directly or just posting what they wrote as a disclaimer so that you won't ask them? Proxy problems aren't a utorrent problem. I am starting to suspect the Proxy is the problem and issue here and nothing so far I see is utorrent related. I have Proxy set on mine and I have no problems. So unless your get into contact with the Proxy provider then utorrent can't do nothing more here. So if your going to say Proxies don't work - mine work just fine.

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