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Bug with finish_cmd / Run Program argument?


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I'm seeing an unexpected situation. When using the Advanced --> Run Program setting, I would like to differentiate when I have downloaded a single file or a directory that contains the files. According to the documentation next to the Run Program setting, I read that:


"%F - Name of downloaded file (for single file torrents)"

I was passing "%D %F" to a shell script that was supposed to take one action if only a single file was downloaded (move it) or if a directory was downloaded (scan dir and sub-dir).

While testing to see if %F was empty or not,  it seems that even if all the files in the torrent were downloaded in a directory, %F is still set as the first file in that torrent; I would have expected the argument %F it to be empty to indicate this was not a single file that was downloaded.

Did I misunderstand how %F works? Anybody else seeing this behavior?

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