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Help with utserver.conf flags/options/config


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I did read that utorrent for Linux isn't being actively developed anymore, and that's a shame because I believe that with docker gaining in popularity, many people will start moving their utorrent server to docker to run multiple instances. 

This being said, and because I want to spawn about 10 utorrent instances (one for each tracker, one for stuff I want to permaseed, one that will automatically update my Sonos library after songs have been added, etc), I'm looking at highly automating the install process. 

I'm struggling with putting together a complete utserver.conf file that will encompass everything so that I don't even have to log in the webui and change any settings.

I have found a few threads, most based on the following thread but one post is from 2011 and the one from 2014 is missing.. CARRIAGE RETURNS!

Is there an official user manual from utorrent that explains the specific possible options in a .conf file? Where can I find it? 

This being said, here are the specific flags/setting that I can't get to work:

Update to beta version
Check for updates automatically
Send anonymous information when checking for updates
Append .!ut to incomplete files

Don't start the download automatically 
Encryption protocol
Allow incoming legacy connections

Plus, what is the difference between the dir_active and the dir_temp_files and which one if the equivalent of "Put new downloads in:" in the settings page?

Lastly, I noticed that when I try to connect to the webpage, I always need to do one or two refreshes to be able to see it. Otherwise it spins forever.


I see that this forum isn't frequently visited and many posts go unanswered, but I am hoping someone can take a few minutes to help me with this.


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