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All my downloaded torrents missing after updating to 3.4.5 (build 41712)


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Thank you. But we could do without the frequent updates - not just utorrent, but just about every other software. Everyday, I am pestered by updates. We of the pre-internet era programmed taking all possible flaws into consideration. We released new versions - with a sheepish face - for it was seen as an acknowledgement of our carelessness and most importantly our lack of foresight - every 6 months. Nowadays softwares update every 6 minutes and do not let us get on with our work. Often times I forget - after the software has updated itself - why I launched the software (at which point it pestered me to update)!

I think technology is making everybody progressively dumber. Ah! , we can always update the software later! Most of us spend one hour everyday updating software!

Watch the movie Idiocracy and you will understand what I say.

I guess I will be banned now! -:)




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On 2/14/2016 at 9:14 PM, DreadWingKnight said:

The resume state file was corrupted during the update (usually by something else not playing nice).


Thank you very much for the article. But where do I find the folders that are mentioned in the article?

For example,


For µTorrent to resume those partially downloaded files these extra extensions must be removed. This can be tedious but there is nothing to it. We can however make a small batch file that will simplify the job.

  1. 01 - Open Notepad and write this line into it (replace "bc!" with which ever file extension you need to remove):
    @for /r %i in (*.bc!) do @move "%~fi" "%~dpni"
  2. 02 - In Notepad, File > Save As: RENAME.BAT
  3. 03 - Open the location folder for the partially downloaded files you need to rename.
  4. 04 - Drag and drop the RENAME.BAT file into this folder
  5. 05 - Right click on RENAME.BAT > Open; a DOS window will briefly appear as it scrolls through all the files in the folder as they are getting renamed.

Repeat from step 3 for each folder containing files that need renaming.


Step 03 asks me to open the folder location for the partially downloaded files you need to rename.....

where do I find that folder?




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