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Conflict with Sandboxie

Jack Sheet

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Hi I am running Windows 8.1 pro, Avast Premier antivirus, malwarebytes home premium, ExpressVPN and PeerBlock 1.2, to name but few of the most relevant likely processes.

I try to run uTorrent 3.4.5 build 41712 (32 bit) in a sandbox, using Sandboxie version 5.07.8 (64 bit) (beta).

The launch process is that I find a torrent that I require, using IE 11 in the sandbox, and then I click on the magnet link, with uTorrent as the default client.

The GUI does not behave.  It half loads, but then the title bar lists "not responding".  Meanwhile, in the background, it seems that the selected file does download.  I just cannot monitor its progress in the GUI.

Additional info:

1) uTorrent seems to work fine outside of the sandbox
2) the previous build of uTorrent worked fine within the sandbox

I don't know what the previous build reference of uTorrent was.  I just naturally clicked on upgrade when prompted.  So it will have been the previous stable release immediately prior to 41712,

Not sure whether it was more appropriate to post it here or in the Sandboxie forum, so I have done both.

Thanks guys.  Love uTorrent.  Love Sandboxie.  Hope it can work out.

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