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Too many installs


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I find it funny that your website advertises 24hr support, yet its been days and i still haven't gotten a response from your "help desk" so i'll ask the community for input.

Did anyone else see a license install limit when they purchased their uTorrent Pro licensing key for the year?  I still can't seem to find the number or mentioning of this imposed limit threshold, and how it was monitored/calculated.  I have been wiping installs in my house and managing upgrades when all the sudden our family key is no longer working telling us we have used our key too many times.  Legitimate users shouldn't have to deal with these kinds of restrictions with your product.  If you have a limited use policy, then you should also enact a way for users to manage the machines in which they allow access to use the license.  Now, i have but only 1 machine remaining that i can't update because then i'll lose this license completely essentially wasting 6 months of use.


This is not good licensing management practice, and is the exact kind of crap which pushes the people who use your software for illegal purposes in the first place.

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