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Computer crash, torrent is gone


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Just for the record:

I was using my computer while doing a huge download when suddenly power went off on my neighbourhood (for a second) and my computer rebooted.

Usual stuff. Well, I restarted my computer, tested the HD/files (fine, no lost clusters or anything), and finally tried restarting uTorrent to see if the files were okey. Well, uTorrent wouldn't even start (even though it was listed on task manager, its interface didn't actually show up), it just hang there doing nothing.

I had to move the file I was dowloading out of the download dir. It then show up, but as expected, my download had failed and I couldn't continue it anymore (moving the file back produced no results, as when restarted again uTorrent would simply ignore the file).

I was starting to love uTorrent because of the 'slimness' it has, and granted, it's a great little program. But if I have to trade any kind of recovery ability for that, there's no doubt: I'm back to Azureus, and had to restart my file download after 20+ hours of lost download.

Maybe there was some crazy way to salvage the file, but I found nothing on the forum or the documentation about it.

Keep up the good work, but please keep in mind this incident; apparently resume.dat isn't safely written or something to this effect, so crashing made it get corrupted and hang uTorrent itself.

I'll hopefully test the program again someday.

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I'm "giving up" because on my first download using the program, I lost 20+ hours of download. Not a good omen, and it can happen again. Not like I expect power outages very frequently, but at least I know Azureus won't kill my torrent because of that.

Like I said, I might try again in the future - hopefully disk writing for resume information will be a bit more secure on the program.

Until then, good luck for you too.

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You don't lose any data at all. All you had to do was delete resume.dat, re-add the torrent, and point to the torrent to the same place you had the files. It does a hash check and then resumes with what was downloaded. All torrent clients resume the data so long as you point it to the same folder.

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