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Fairly regular crashes


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This is my first time posting on the forum, so forgive me if I don't know what information to provide. I looked around, but didn't find an article that tells me what to include, so I'll do my best.

  • Issue: Regular crashes of uTorrent. I currently have 26 dump files in my uTorrent directory. In many cases uTorrent just stops and disappears, however there's still a uTorrent running in Task Manager. I can't kill the "hidden" uTorrent process, nor can I start a new uTorrent. I usually have to restart my computer to clear things up, but not always.
  • Version: uTorrentPro 3.4.5
  • Windows OS: Windows 10
  • Environment: VMware Workstation 12.1
  • Other Info: This more often happens when I'm downloading a large torrent (e.g., 25 GB+). The crashes rarely happens. of ever. when I'm only uploading torrents. At the time of the crash Windows is showing plenty of RAM, plenty of CPU, and there's plenty of disk space.

Not sure what else I should provide to help troubleshoot. I tried submitting an e-mail to support, but received no response, even though I'm a Pro user. Let me know if I should provide additional info. This has been happening for several months.

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You can set the value of manual cache to improve performance, but we must understand how it works.

First of all values greater than 512 MB does not help, even assuming that the speed of the Internet you have more than 1 Gbit / s. For speeds up to 200 Mbit / s guaranteed enough cache to 256 MB.

Second client on all of their needs can not allocate more than 2 GB (it is a feature of 32-bit application) that's why he falls when specifying the cache size is 1.5 GB.

Third large cache values are beneficial only if there is sufficient amount of free RAM, otherwise the system will swap the client's memory and everything will be even worse than with a small cache value.

Fourth no value cache, which can help if the hard drive can not cope with the flow of data to be written (1 Gbit / s Internet as an example).

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