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uTorrent doesn't download and seed anymore.


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Yesterday uTorrent was working just fine. However, when i checked this morning I noticed that a torrents don't download and seed anymore.The trackers work just fine and the TCP ports says that the connection is working. My laptop was on the whole night and there was no update.

I have a MacBook Pro with El Captain and the latest version of uTorrent. 

Would be nice if anyone knows how to resolve this problem.

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I updated to Version 1.8.7 (41795) and now nothing is moving. Even from my fav site that ALWAYS gives me great fast Dl's.

I also noticed that when I added a new torrent file after the update , I got this message:


"Unable to Add Torrent
	Don't have enough permissions to write to '/'. Please change download location."

I can Add it to a sub-folder named "/soc'.


anyone else having this issue?




Use this guide:


edit 3-30-2016

 problem is back after using this patch.



6. Delete your settings might help

Some problems might go away if you delete the settings file (which will restore their default values). In terminal app, do:

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/uTorrent/*dat*

rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.bittorrent.uTorrent.plist

This is especially important if you used leaked builds, which might have left incorrect settings.

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