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Torrent's revert back to 99.6% after completion.


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Hello Everyone, my torrents that are over a couple of gigs never complete. When they get to 100% and complete they revert back to 99.6 or .7 and complete again in a loop. 

- My seed/peers is 3.1 and it's a pretty popular torrent with lots of seeders so avaibility is not a problem.

- My 10.1 gig download has been trying to complete for a day now and it's 3gigs wasted with around 250 hashfails.

-Small sized files are completed only big sized ones can't be completed. 

My only guess at this time is that it's a hardware issue. Maybe hard drive?

Malware is not a possibility, i formatted the pc recently.

I appreciate your help, i hope i can find a solution. Thanks for helping fellas. 


(Also i always get two Xs in setup guide, never could get a tick. I don't know if that helps.)

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