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Labels and specific Directories


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Hello, I have a problem that I can´t find a solution for. This is the scenario:

Using windows 10, latest utorrent version. I have my default download directory set to D:\Downloads. Every torrent I manually download goes there (I don´t use "put new downloads in" or "move completed downloads to" because they already go where I want them). I also have the RSS downloader set with a label to download 1 feed to my Dropbox folder, so I can automatically share these specific files with my other PCs. The problem is, with this setup, my internet connection becomes barely usable because it is uploading from both utorrent and dropbox at the same time it is downloading. If I activate either "put new downloads in" or "move completed downloads to" the rss feed files don't go to the dropbox folder.

What I needed was some way of transfering these specific rss feed files to a temporary download directory (even if it was the default download directory) and automatically move them after they finish to my dropbox folder. That way, the bandwidth is enough downloading first and only after that starting to upload to dropbox. Is there a way to only move files with a specific label after finishing downloading to a different directory that is not part of the default download directory tree (in this case my dropbox folder, since my downloads folder is in D:\ and dropbox is in C:\ due to storage room availability issues.

Thank you

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